Lamahatta word derived from people wearing Bukhus similar to Buddhist Monks as lamas. So place name known as Lamahatta from the British Time.

Surrounded by greenery and rivers amidst picturesque terraced farmland, LAMAHATTA is a small mountain village that now boasts of an upcoming eco tourism destination.

At an altitude of 6800 Ft. Lamahatta is a calm and peaceful place with Pine trees standing majestically with the looming Mount Kanchenjunga in the forefront. The Buddhist Prayer Flags fluttering at the slight breeze were 500 years old Buddhist Monastery is situated just 20 min. walks. This small village in the hills is inhabited by various tribes like Sherpas, Bhutias, Tamangs, Yalmos and Dukpas.

LAMAHATTA is very well connected to Darjeeling, Kamlimpong state highway. The beauty of the place is further enhanced by a new garden developed recently surrounded by prayer flags and wide variety of flowers and orchids to lure tourists. In line with its reputations as an ecotourism destination, this village offers home stays and tents for the tourists.