The original name was pronounced as ‘Tukdah’, which is a Lepcha word meaning mist or fog. And the name is aptly given as the place often remains covered with fog. Takdah is situated about 27 kilometers from Darjeeling. It is mostly known for its verdant spread of Tea Gardens and British Heritage Tea Bungalow (105 years) that has preserved the glory of the region over many years. As Takdah is famed for its heritage British Bungalows, you can stay at these beautiful bungalows while you visit this idyllic mountain region. There are about 12 colonial bungalows at Takdah famous for the purpose of tourist stay over. The remaining have either been converted into church or local schools. These bungalows have been built between the years 1905 and 1915. The bungalows are also popularly known by the local name of “Kothis”. Takdah is the headquarters of the Rangli Rangliot development block. Takdah Cantonment has an orchid center where a variety of rare Himalayan orchids are cultivated. This center has been the favourite of tourists visiting Takdah. The nearest tea gardens are Rungli, Giele and Teesta Valley tea gardens.