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"Any job very well done that has been carried out by a person who is fully dedicated is always a source of inspiration"

- Carlos Ghosn

Shiva Gurung

Our Inspirational Guru

The story of Shiva Gurung might serve as a great inspiration to all the HomeStays in Sikkim. Running his Darap Home Stay successfully for the last 7 years had made Shiva a real life Home Stay idol. But even today, with an excellent track record of visitors over the past years, which also includes the Governor of Sikkim, the best part of Shiva is his sweet and humble nature, his loving association with his family and village and his great helping attitude. Thus for us, Shiva is our Home Stay guru and its worth reading a bit about his thoughts.

From the desk of Shiva Gurung

Hello Let's Go Team

Greetings from Daragaon Village Retreat (Gurung Homestay)

It is my big pleasure that Let's Go wants to make me" Homestay Guru".I dont know, I have such quality or not but I assure to Let's Go Tram I try to give my best. and lets hope nice relationship with good business.

I tried to give your answer to your questionnaire

Tell us about your personal details - your birth date, birth place, your family and your community.

I was born on 10 Oct. 1973 at Darap Village West Sikkim at Gurung family (Gurung is one of sub community of Gorkha ) Our main income comes from agriculture.

I have beautiful wife her name is Radha. She gives me Neysang (daughter) and Prabal (son).

How did you think of starting the homestay and when did start it? Why not any other profession?

When I complete my graduation from North Bangal University on year of 2000, back to my village (home) for share my hand to my family occupation. On this course of time I found our village is really reach in culture, tradition, ritual, festival, bio-diversity and virgin from city. My willingness rises up to know it more. Gradually I came to know it is our identity and property, we most protect and conserve it and it has huge potential to convert in tourism industry. For promote of this unique assets during initial period I invite my school and college friend who lived at city side for experience the true village life, on their visit we leave space to them for stay. At present we have lot of guest from different part of world at our village to know and experience true village life and my home convert into homestay from 2007.

I want to do independent job and this job is perfect for me.

What are the challenges you faced when starting? What are the challenges that you still face?

At early period I face many challenges to motivate our village people regarding what is the importance and how and why we should promote our culture and tradition to other.

How did you let people know about your homestay?

During initial period people come to know our village through mouth to mouth reference by guest who stayed before and now from internet .

Who were you prestigious guests? From which nationalities are these guests?

All most all the visitors are our prestigious guest because, we believe on Athethi deva bhawa.

What are your achievements from this profession?

I feel I am succeed to promote our remote village at all over the world through home stay. During conversation with highly profile guests, we get inspiration and motivate to move ahead and ahead for achievement.

What is your vision / dream?

My vision is to make sustainable village tourism.

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